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The Buckarettes: Reviews


What fantastic fun it was backing you ladies at the theater prior to the WMA Awards Show! That was super! You all are great musicians and what a treat to play music with you. Thank you for letting me back you.

Thank you, too, for you CD. It's great! A fun listen for sure!

I'd love to back you gals anytime. I notice that you have a number of good bassists in your area (including Gary Roller!) so that puts me pretty low on your list. But, hey, it could happen.

Say, I could not find the forth ladies name that played Saturday evening.

Keep doing what you're doing!

I am part of the Ball Ranch Family & heard you perform at the KiMo Theater in Albuquerque. You ladies are absolutely delightful--so talented & so much fun! I noticed that we are listed together in the Top Five Western Music Duo/Group for the AWA, 2011. Good luck to you & hope our trails cross again soon.
Sue Ball - A fellow musician & performer (Nov 30, 2011)
I hate wedding bands. They're generally boring and intrusive. But I love music, which is why I'm so glad we found the Buckarettes. Not only are they great musicians and singers, but they knew exactly how to create the right mood. It's impossible to listen to them and not smile. They gave our wedding exactly the swing it needed. I'll never get married again without them! Thanks so much...
Gordon L. - A raving Groom! (Oct 11, 2011)
" all are so talented . . . and just downright GOOD! You knocked the boots off of the people at the Evening Out West! Everyone was so complementary and loved the music. I am so glad you all were there and helped us in raising money for the 4-H & FFA Kids."
Patty W. - One of our bosses! (May 17, 2011)
"My wife and I moved to Albuquerque from St. Louis on May 16. The Folk Festival was the first event we had attended since the move. We have gone to bluegrass, Cajun and country-western concerts, amongst others, back in Missouri, and enjoyed many of the performers. We were fortunate to catch your performance during the Festival. Candidly, we haven’t enjoyed a performance as much in years. Your talented group, your harmony, your presentation, your sound, your song selection, impressed and entertained. It was an enjoyable set. It ended too soon. Now we are in search of the next opportunity to catch you again.

Just wanted to thank you for what for us was a memorable evening. You folks are terrific."
MIke S. - A very nice fan.... (Jun 20, 2011)
“Fun local band! I used to play with them—was the sole ‘Buckarette-o’ in the band. They are a group of super nice ladies who play cowgirl music. Check them out at”
You women are great and the CD I have is one of my favorites!
Darla W. - A great fan.... (Dec 1, 2010)

I just wanted to write to you and let you know how FANTASTIC the Buckarettes were on Saturday night for my graduation party! They were a real hoot and were the perfect finishing touch for the evening. My friends and family danced and had a great time. We even did the limbo!!! The band members were all so sweet and friendly and I think we all wished that I could graduate again next year so we could do it all over again!
Anna S. - A raving fan... (May 20, 2010)
I sooooo wanted to thank you for your outstanding performance for the AAAP group. I thought it went really well and many participated, which I loved seeing. I was able to read through the evaluations of the overall meeting and the membership really enjoyed the evening and your performance. I am thrilled! I must say your group meshed really well with the High Desert Dancers. So many came up and raved about the whole event.

I hope all is well with the Buckarettes. I hope to be able to get out to some of your events when I get future announcements of where you are playing. Hope your summer is going splendidly!
Thanks again for everything! I so enjoyed the evening with your group! Give them my best.
Carla Slezak - A raving friend... (Jul 9, 2010)
The swingin' trio from along the "Rio" strikes with a sweet new CD!

D.J. Parker, Katie Gill & Susan Clark (a.k.a. The Buckarettes) have never been what you'd call "cowboy orthodoxy!" Their talent and sense of adventure sends them hopping the corral fence into close harmony boogie, some jazzier arrangements than the norm, some good ol' wicky-wacky-woo and, in this case, some swing revival feel. But what everybody would call them is "Crowd Pleasers!!"

Western and Western Swing fans certainly aren't left in the dust here by any means. "Adobe Hacienda," "Prairie Lullaby" and a couple of Pee Wee King things--"Slowpoke" and "Birds & The Bees" swing by. More contemporary tracks include on-again off-again Western songwriter Chuck Pyle's "Stars" and Elena (Hot Club of Cowtown) Fremerman's "Forget-Me-Nots." All are whipped along with the Buckie's standard precision. They are supported by a top team of supplemental musicians as well.

The originals on the CD will paste smiles on your ears and all of it is vintage-edged danceable fun. Joe Baker calls them "the best in the industry!" Who am I to argue with that??!

CDs: $15 plus $3 s/h from Buckin' A Records, P.O. Box 3515, Moriarty, NM 87035, or available through (search The Buckarettes). email: - by Rick Huff
Rick Huff - The Western Way, Spring 2009 (May 1, 2009)
Soulful, rich harmonies, romantic ballads, and kick-up-your-heels Western swing, the amazing Buckarettes are music to High Noon’s ears… It’s the collaboration of Katie Gill, Debra Jean Parker, Susan Clark, Amy Blackburn and Gary Roller that bring people to their feet in applause, captivated by their music and vocals. These fabulous gals and token guy Gary who tolerates these kick-a… women rock the High Noon Show and Auction each year and we couldn’t imagine an event without them.

We are so proud to announce that they have just released their third and most powerful CD to date. Cowgirl Serenade is filled with reminiscent and “lust in the dust” songs which so strongly illuminates their depth and passion for Western ballads. If you liked them before you’re going to love them now! In just a few short weeks following the release of Cowgirl Serenade they hit the #2spot in popularity in the Album Category of Western Music & Swing Magazine and the song Slowpoke hit #2 as well in the Top 10 Song Category – you gals rock – or shall we should say swing!

It began eleven years ago when Katie Gill and Debra Jean (DJ) Parker got together to play some cowgirl music at DJ’s son’s elementary school. They had so much fun they decided to take the idea a bit further — and a bit further they did. They first wrangled in Susan Clark and Amy Blackburn, then added rich vocals, fiddles, keyboard and the big sound of string bass of Gary Roller, creating their award winning sound which today is in demand across the West as well as on radio stations in Germany, France, England, Australia and Japan. They regularly perform in concert and dance venues in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, receiving rave reviews wherever they go.

Each of these amazing women is an artist, musician and songwriter committed to creating the best and most infectious music, which has you tapping your toes, smiling from ear to ear and up dancing even if you don’t dance.

For more information on the Buckarettes, their upcoming performance schedule and to buy their new CD Cowgirl Serenade, visit their website at

We at High Noon can’t wait until next January when the Buckarettes will rock Mesa and the High Noon weekend again!
Your new CD is phenomenal, worth the wait. Your performance tonight was absolutely refreshing, upbeat and tight. We really enjoyed the new material and can't wait to see you again.
Ted Anderson - Another dear friend and fan! (Apr 8, 2009)
I Love these Cowgirls
I'll admit, I've followed the Buckies from the start, as I'm a fan of Western music, and girl-group harmonies. So let's take this in parts. The singers. It's neat that the three lead vocals are each different and full of charm and character. From DJ's Texas twang, through Katie's sweet soprano, to Susan's rich earthiness, there's not a loser in the bunch. The songs, well, they cover a wide range, from old classics to originals. You'll have your faves, I sure have mine. The playing is great throughout. They have a stable of musicians, including the multi-instrumental Auge' Hayes, who bring great joy to their jobs of framing these songs. Recording is clean and clear, as you can expect from John Wagner's studio. So, great harmonies, fine songs, and much pleasure to be had. Why don't you buy this one now?
Dave Bedini - A dear friend, fan and one hell of a musician. (Apr 8, 2009)
I'm really impressed with the Buckies new album. I'll be leading off Sunday's show with "Whoa Baby" and will also be airing the "Fall In Love Again Waltz" on a future show.

The production level is incredibly high; the arrangements wonderful; I've never heard Augie better on steel pedal (and he's the best in the state already), and your additional fiddle and other instrumental sounds are wonderful enhancements.

You've also got a nice variety of vocal and musical sounds, from Western to Country/Western to Gospel. It's nice to see you expand your musical genres like that.

Congratulations on producing such a great album, and I saw where you (Katie) were the primary producer, so you concomitantly deserve most of the credit.

Nice work and look forward to having you back on "Gotta Dance" on May 17.

The girls are the best sound around! What great news about the new CD wow fantastic news! Already on my way to Old Town to get my copy ASAP! There are non better than the Buckarettes - A total incredible sound and great chemistry among the girls and their voices and music, Cowboys and Rodeos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their sound and misic! Wow just sit back and listen! Some of the best! Thank you ladies! Awesome! You are the best fun and entertainment. Yahoo
John Dufay - An enthusiastic fan! (Jan 18, 2009)
" 'The Best of the Southwest' .... The Buckarettes are a lot of fun. Their music brings back the days of Saturday morning western movies.... A tight band that is an enjoyable listening experience." (Five Stars)
Anonymous music fan (customer) - Review; (Oct 8, 2008)
I've had the honor of working several shows
with The Buckarettes and I can tell you first
hand, if you like cowboy swing and western music,
then you're just going to love this new album. I've
never heard anyone perform harmonies like The Buckarettes. They are the best in the Western Industry.

- Joe Baker, MTD Radio, Ruidoso, New Mexico
CSWM & WSMSS Hall Of Fame
Joe Baker - Back Forty Bunkhouse (Dec 27, 2007)
Two CD's put a local spin on the holidays. The Buckarettes' Snow Angels CD is "full of songs that you've never heard before but definitely catch the meaning of Christmas in humorous, fun and tear-jerking ways," says Katie Gill, cofounder of the almost all girl, mostly Westen Swing/Country group. Find it at CD Baby (, or check with the ladies at
Mel Minter - Albuquerque the Magazine (Nov 30, 2007)
"Cowgirl music is twang at its finest, and the Buckarettes not only excel at the style, they add jazz and jitterbug to take it a step further.... The Buckarettes have taken cowgirl music by the horns."
Rachel Heisler - Transmission (Nov 8, 2004)
"You'll find yodeling, sighs, and tender moments on the Buckarette's range, laced with cowgirl spirit and charm... It's a range we'd all like to ride."
Charlotte Berney - Cowboys & Indians (Oct 8, 2002)
"Whether singing about cowboys and rodeos or finding love on the lonely prairie, the Buckarettes know how to put fun into a toe-tapping tune."
Sharon Niederman - New Mexico Magazine (Sep 14, 2002)
"They are a fun band, and they play music for the whole family to enjoy... Feet start to tap and people begin to move to the dance floor."
Tim Anderson - Crosswinds Weekly (Jul 20, 2002)
Good afternoon, I enjoyed your show at the Abq. Sunport. I sat and was thrilled by your harmony and sound, afterwards you greeted me and shared a business card, smiles and a friendly word. I look forward to hearing more of you music. Forever a fan, Greg Strobel
Greg S. - A traveling fan (Jun 22, 2012)