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The Buckarettes: Home


The award winning Buckarettes are celebrating their 20th year of outstanding cowgirl harmonies, superb musicianship, swingin’ hips and fringe, kick-up-your-boots-rhythm and spontaneous silliness that erupts from the girls on stage and flows to their delighted audiences everywhere. They are a fun-loving and talented trio of gals that sing their hearts out with their avant-garde cowgirl repertoire. They'll rouse you to lose your troubles and stir you to get in touch with your romantic senses! They’ll put a smile on your face, a tap in your toes and love in your heart.

The Buckarettes have opened for Asleep at the Wheel, Wynonna Judd, English Beat, Michael Martin Murphy, Michael Hearne & South by Southwest and Belinda Gail. They have shared the stage with regional giants Bill & Bonnie Hearne,  Syd Maters & the Swingriders, Sid Hausman and international favorites like Chuck Pyle and Hot Club of Cowtown. The world renowned "Washtub Jerry" has been sited and accused of appearing in public with those brazen little hussies!

Check out their videos on youtube where you can really see them in action! Just click on the link page and their videos will be at the top of the list. ~~Happy Trails!~~